Supplycon is a combination of supply and continuity,
which contains the future value and will of project developers and
foundations to ensure continuous and stable supply of core minerals

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Mining sites candidates

Mining sites candidates

Mineral items by Supplycon

Mineral items by Supplycon
Bituminous Coal Bituminous Coal It is the classification name of coal corresponding to anthracite.
Uranium Uranium It is used in nuclear power as one of the radioactive elements present in nature.
Iron Iron In general, it refers to an ore containing iron(Fe), and is called iron ore for short. It has the widest use of cars, weapons, etc.
Copper Copper It is used in precision industries such as piping, coins, and semiconductors, and many places such as equipment manufacturing, precision machine-based parts manufacturing, etc.
Zink Zink Several zinc alloys are widely used as die casting alloys.
Nickel Nickel It is used to manufacture synthetic metals rather than pure ingredients and is widely used in key industrial fields such as automobile engine.

Applying for Supplycon as partner

Applying for Supplycon as partner

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